45+ Handy CSS3 Tools, Tutorials and Resources


CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is a special style sheet language used to create website layouts and styles. It has been extensively used by web developers all around the world and has proved its worth in the field of web development.

Recently CSS3 comes with some magnificent new features that support cross browser usability and help improving the web development. Mastering the skills in CSS3 helps you achieving a constant look for your website and allows you gain more control on its style and layout.

Here is a showcase of 45+ Valuable CSS3 Tool and Resources, as well as CSS3 Tutorials to let you understand the techniques and master the skills. Continue reading

Gramps, Free Genealogy Software


One of the things that I will do with my mother in the coming months is to write down our family’s genealogy. We are both interested in both the research involved and how far back in history we can trace our family tree. For that, I’m currently testing various genealogy software programs to find a suitable candidate for the task. Gramps on first glance offers everything that one would need from a genealogy software. Continue reading