Runscanner Is A Windows System Security Analyzer via Martin Brinkmann

Runscanner can best be compared to the popular HiJackThis system analyzer, even though it has more to offer than its popular counterpart. Our first Runscanner review dates back to 2007, and a recent program update to version was all we needed to take a second look at the program.

When you first run the program, which is portable by the way, you are asked whether you want to start it in beginner or expert mode. Beginner mode is a limited mode that makes sure that users cannot just delete any file that pops up in the program. It basically lets computer novices create a log file that they submit to an expert to have it looked at.

The expert mode on the other hand enables all program faetures, including reporting, tweaking and deleting of files.

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Setting Windows Virtual Memory, why you need to and what about SSDs?


Virtual memory is a throwback to Windows of old, when the physical memory available to a computer was severely limited.  Essentially it uses a chunk of space on your computer’s hard disk as a memory swap file.  Unfortunately, Windows has always been terrible at managing this file allowing to dynamically grow and shrink depending on what the operating system needs at the time. Continue reading