Phonedeck Lets You Manage Your Mobile From Your Desktop

Phonedeck launched in private beta late last year, and in the invitation-only period it has managed to bring on board 50,000 users globally through word-of-mouth. The cloud-based mobile phone management platform has taken on board all the feedback over the past four months, and is rolling out to the public today.

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Convert FLV Videos With FLV Video Converter via Martin Brinkmann

Many of the videos that you download from video hosting sites like Youtube these days are saved as flv files on your computer (check out our Download Youtube Videos guide for tools to download videos from the popular video hosting site). And while you have plenty of programs at your disposal to watch them directly there (VLC and SMplayer are two), you may not be as lucky if you want to watch them on the big screen instead.

That’s when you may realize that your video DVD burning software is not supporting flv files, or that it is not enough to burn the flv files to disc in hope that your hardware media player supports the format.

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I liked this: Create Movies From Photos, Videos With ffDiaporama

You can use a program like ffDiaporama to create a single movie file from multiple photos, video files and music. This can be interesting for users who do not want to send individual photos or videos to friends, family or colleagues. Another would be to upload the self-created movie to a video hosting site like YouTube which do not support photos.

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I liked this: How to Automate Disk Cleanup using CCleaner

The Windows operating system should have several different maintenance tasks performed on a regular basis. It is easy to forget to do these things and many users don’t do them at all. This article takes a look at how you can automate one of the most important tasks, cleaning the hard drive. Rather than use the Windows Disk Cleanup utility, we will look at using a free third party utility. This will work in XP, Vista and Windows 7. Continue reading

How to Install IIS onto Windows 7


IIS, or Internet Information Server, is a web server application that you use to set up your own web server, and publish your own content. You can use IIS to set your computer up to act as an Internet web server, or it can be used locally to serve an intranet. Continue reading