Using WordPress? Track which social networks your visitors are logged into via Dan Taylor

With close to 72 million WordPress installs around the world, chances are you’re using the platform in one form or another. Be it a customized mini-site or landing page, your main CMS, e-commerce platform, etc. you or someone you know is using WordPress.

Now as any good marketer will tell you, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing,” so we’ve all done our due diligence and set up the prerequisite Google Analytics account, checking stats on a daily basis and deriving valuable, actionable items from them.

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18 Free And Creative Paper Photoshop Brushes via Akhter

Photoshop brushes help the designers in creating specific designs with great ease. Today we present a collection of some high quality paper brushes for you. With these Photoshop paper brushes you can give your designs a new and updated look. The paper brush sets help you create the paper like characteristics in your designs. As we know that paper is a thin and versatile material that is used to write upon, print upon, for newspapers, magazines and books as well as for card making and arts and crafts projects.

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Back in 2010 I published a list of WordPress plugins that were installed here on the site. You can see the original WordPress plugin listing with a click on the link.

This article looks at the WordPress plugins that are installed today here on Ghacks. If you compare this listing with the one from 2010, you will notice that some plugins had to go, and that a lot have been added to the site.

WordPress plugins extend the blog in a similar fashion that Firefox add-ons or Google Chrome extension the browser. They most of the time add functionality that the default WordPress installation is not offering, and sometimes modify or remove existing features or options.

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10 web development concepts designers should know | Feature | .net magazine

For over 10 years I’ve worked as a web developer, for most of that time my company has worked as the subcontracted development team, working alongside web designers on websites and applications. In addition, we have developed our own small CMS product, Perch, which is used by many web designers to provide simple content management for their sites. In the course of supporting Perch I get to see how people work, and the concepts that they struggle with.

A designer who freelances or runs their own agency, may find that they need to confidently explain technical concepts to clients. The end client is often unaware of the various specialisms behind launching a new site and relies on their web designer to guide them through the process. Therefore even if you tend to outsource development work, having an understanding of development can pay dividends in allowing you to discuss the technical parts of the job with your clients. In addition, when working with developers your knowledge will help to speed up communication and prevent misunderstandings.

This article contains some small tips and links to further reading, on subjects that I’ve found myself explaining when working with web designers on projects and when supporting Perch.

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Runscanner Is A Windows System Security Analyzer via Martin Brinkmann

Runscanner can best be compared to the popular HiJackThis system analyzer, even though it has more to offer than its popular counterpart. Our first Runscanner review dates back to 2007, and a recent program update to version was all we needed to take a second look at the program.

When you first run the program, which is portable by the way, you are asked whether you want to start it in beginner or expert mode. Beginner mode is a limited mode that makes sure that users cannot just delete any file that pops up in the program. It basically lets computer novices create a log file that they submit to an expert to have it looked at.

The expert mode on the other hand enables all program faetures, including reporting, tweaking and deleting of files.

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How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding Required

How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding RequiredYou want to start your own blog but you don’t want to look tacky by using an existing design. Creating your own theme can be daunting, but with some assistance you can have a unique design for your blog in no time. This post will help you put it all together using WordPress, the most popular (and free) blogging software available.

How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding Required

Creating a WordPress theme can take quite a bit of work when you’re starting from scratch because you have to put together quite a bit of PHP code (the programming language WordPress uses) before you can even get to creating the look and feel of your site. We’re going to save you the trouble by providing those files pre-made for you, plus a skeletal structure of the CSS you’re going to need to make your WordPress site look the way you want. The PHP code is based upon the work of Ian Stewart, but has been updated for WordPress 3.3.1. If you’re ready to get started, here’s what you’ll need:

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Convert FLV Videos With FLV Video Converter via Martin Brinkmann

Many of the videos that you download from video hosting sites like Youtube these days are saved as flv files on your computer (check out our Download Youtube Videos guide for tools to download videos from the popular video hosting site). And while you have plenty of programs at your disposal to watch them directly there (VLC and SMplayer are two), you may not be as lucky if you want to watch them on the big screen instead.

That’s when you may realize that your video DVD burning software is not supporting flv files, or that it is not enough to burn the flv files to disc in hope that your hardware media player supports the format.

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How To Make Youthful, Glowing Portraits In Under a Minute – How-To Geek


You’ve seen it in magazines, photo websites, advertisements, and loads of other places—that romantic, almost saccharine look applied to an image to soften skin texture and create “glowing” portraits. Here’s how to get that supermodel glow in under a minute.

You can apply this effect to nearly any image, but it will probably do its best work improving portraits or pictures of people. But if you’re like most of us, you probably have a lot of these kinds of pictures. Open up some of them, and see how ridiculously easy it is to apply that warm, professional-looking glow effect.

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20 Awesome Pinterest Tools

Pinterest already offers users some great tools to help them get their accounts get noticed, including a Follow Button and Pin It button which can easily be installed on any website. But with such an active community, it’s no surprise that there are a ton of other interesting tools, apps, and sites which aim to enhance the Pinterest experience.

pinterest logo 20 awesome tools which will have you Pinteresting like a pro

WordPress plugins, Pinterest analytics, cool Pinterest layouts and hacks, and mobile access – Pinterest’s vibrant community has pretty much left no stone unturned.

We’ve put together a list of 20 of these tools, in no particular order.

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14 Awesome Features in Google Analytics v5 – Eugen Oprea

The menu contains 5 items:

  • Home – displays a list with your available profiles
  • Dashboards – from here you can visualize your Custom Dashboards, a feature which I will cover below
  • My Site – contains all your Reports and Intelligence Events
  • My Conversions – contains your Goals, Ecommerce and Multi-channel Funnels
  • Custom Reports – allows you to create and visualize Custom Reports

Now, let’s dive into the new Google Analytics v5 features.

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