Dropbox Automator Automatically Processes Images, Text, PDFs and Other Files in Your Dropbox Any Way You Choose [Web Apps] via Adam Dachis

Dropbox Automator is a powerful web app that connects to your Dropbox account and monitors folders of your choice, performing automated actions you define when new files are detected. This can be anything from converting a document to PDF, resizing images and uploading them to Facebook, plus a whole lot more. More »

from Lifehacker December 29, 2011 at 11:30AM

The ten best free programs of 2011 via Samer

from freewaregenius.com December 27, 2011 at 07:31AM

Best of 2011
Many sites have “best of year” program lists that are really “best of all time”; so is this one of them? Well, yes and no. This is a list of the best free software that has either been launched in 2011, or has been significantly improved upon and come into it’s own in 2011 (for a best freeware ever list, check out our Freeware Top 30).

How I chose these: I install a lot of programs, as you might imagine. I do this on my main machine and every several weeks I restore a clean image, so I take note of those programs that make their way back into my system as being a cut above the rest. This is a list of those, or at least 10 that are quite noteworthy. I also made an attempt NOT to rehash the same old list of titles which everyone already knows.

Here’s the list; note that the order is arbitrary:

  1. Wunderlist: task management on the PC and on your device
  2. Freemake Video Converter: powerful video conversion that is a delight to use
  3. Listary: real time file filtering of files and folders in Windows
  4. Comodo Programs Manager: monitors programs installs in real time to remove all traces on uninstall
  5. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free 2012: one of the best free disk imaging and backup software
  6. HaoZip: one of the best free zip/compression programs out there
  7. Otixo: manage various cloud storage services and accounts from a single place
  8. TunnelBear: dead simple VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
  9. LibreOffice: advanced, free Office Suite
  10. Cyberduck: all in one FTP, WebDAV, Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and Google Documents desktop client: Continue reading

Automatically Install Multiple Free Applications

Installing applications after a fresh Windows installation can be quite a hassle, as one has to individually search, download and install the updated versions for numerous applications. Some users use Ninite website to install the most commonly used application by simply selecting them and clicking the Install option. This enables automatic bulk installation of multiple applications. FreeApps is an installer package that provides the option to install several free applications like Firefox, anti-virus suites, torrent clients, PDF readers etc, in a single click. Continue reading

iTwin | Popular Science


Connect two computers, with no cloud in sight

iTwin (official shot) iTwin

When it comes to the most personal files, it can be hard to trust the cloud. The iTwin USB dongle provides secure access to a computer’s hard drive from any machine with a Web connection. Users plug half of the iTwin into a primary computer and set a password. Connecting the other half to another machine opens a direct link between the two. As files move between the pair, they are encrypted in 256-bit AES, the same standard used for military documents. If either half goes missing, both can be remotely deactivated. $100

The 20 most useful social media tools of 2011: Adam Vincenzini

ants coworking 520x245 The 20 most useful social media tools of 2011: Part One

Throughout 2011 we have been bringing you five new social media tools each week to show our love for you.

Now that December has arrived, we are bringing you the ‘best of the best’ as we countdown our picks for the top 20 of the year. Instead of giving you the top five today, we’ll start at the other end of the chart and bring you 20 through to 16.

Next week we’ll bring you 15 to 11 before unveiling the last two installments just before Christmas.

Are you ready to find out who rounds out our top 20? OK!! Continue reading