I liked this: Repurpose an IKEA Swing Arm Lamp into a Web Cam Boom

For video chat, mounting your web cam over your monitor makes sense. For capturing your DIY projects and other filming, however, a boom arm is in order. This clever DIY hack turns a $9 IKEA lamp into a functional camera boom.

Chris, the maker and tinker behind The New Hobbyist, needed a cheap but dependable boom arm for his web cam so that he could properly document all his projects. His solution was to pick up an IKEA Tertial Work Lamp for $9, strip out the wiring, build a small bracket for his Logitech Web Cam and enjoy much smoother camera movements and better camera placement.

Hit up the link below to check out his build guide and additional photos.

$9 Web Cam Jig [via Hack A Day]

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posted on the How-To Geek: http://www.howtogeek.com/news/repurpose-an-ikea-swing-arm-lamp-into-a-web-cam-boom/6956/

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